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10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Morocco

10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Morocco

Morocco is a sovereign republic located in North Africa. The kingdom has been controlled by various dynasties from the founding of the first Moroccan state in 788 AD, with the current ruling dynasty, the Alaouites, attaining power in 1631. The country is known for its rich history and culture, making it a one-of-a-kind destination worth visiting. Here are a few of the most fascinating facts about Morocco:

  1. Morocco is Home to the Red City

Marrakesh is the fourth biggest city in Morocco. Marrakesh's history, architecture, and culture are all rich. It was one of the most significant imperial cities in the nation. The Almoravid dynasty's Ali ibn Yusuf erected crimson walls to protect the city. Within the city, several red structures were constructed. The city's nickname is "Red City" or "Ochre City" because of its hue.

  1. There Are Nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Morocco!

Morocco is one of the most important tourist destinations in North Africa. The expansion of tourism in the country has been fueled by the country's political stability. Morocco's government is likewise eager to encourage tourism in the country. There are nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the nation. Each of these locations has significant historical, cultural, and architectural significance and is well worth a visit.

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  1. In Morocco, You May Go from the Sea to the Mountains and into the Desert

Morocco is home to numerous natural beauties as well as historical and cultural treasures. The country's topography is diverse, with coasts on the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas, the towering peaks of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, and vast swaths of the Sahara Desert.

  1. Morocco is Home to Africa's Busiest City Square

Jemaa el-Fnaa is Africa's busiest plaza, located in the medina district of Marrakesh, Morocco. This square attracts a large number of visitors, both residents and tourists. The square allows visitors to have a close look at Moroccan culture. At the square, there are Chleuh dancing boys, storytellers, magicians, traditional medicine salesmen, and snake charmers. In the evening, food vendors offering local cuisine are put up in the square. At the edge of the Jemaa el-Fnaa, the Marrakesh souk, a traditional market selling products to both residents and visitors, is located. The area is surrounded by gardens, cafés, and hotels.

  1. Morocco Has a Valley Dedicated to Roses

The Vallée des Roses is another name for the M'Goun Valley in Morocco. The valley produces 3000 to 4000 tons of wild roses each year. The local economy depends on these roses. The roses are picked by local women and sold to co-operatives in the area. The majority of these roses are used by French perfume firms, while the rest are used by local enterprises to make rose water, soaps, and other cosmetic goods.

  1. The Oldest Human Sculpture Was Discovered in Morocco

The Venus of Tan-Tan is a 6 cm long human-shaped fragment of quartzite rock found in 1999 during an archeological excavation on the Draa River's north bank in Morocco. According to research, the item comes from the Middle Acheulean era, which lasted between 300,000 and 500,000 years. However, according to some archaeologists, the piece of rock took on the shape of a human due to natural weathering and erosion.

  1. Morocco Was Founded by a Relative of Prophet Muhammad

Idris I established the Idrisid dynasty, which laid the groundwork for Morocco's future independence. Idris I was the great-great-great grandson of Prophet Muhammad. After fleeing the battlefield of the Battle of Fakhkh in 786, Idris I sought sanctuary in Morocco.

  1. Ibn Battuta Was from Morocco

Moroccan Ibn Battuta was a great Islamic philosopher and traveler. He was a 14th-century traveler who visited North Africa, the Horn of Africa, South, Central, and Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. He made meticulous records of his travels, which are now considered historical gems, and explain a great deal about medieval civilization.

  1. Africa’s Highest Ski Resort is in Morocco

Oukameden is a ski resort in Morocco, about 80 kilometers from Marrakesh. It is the highest of its kind in Africa. It is situated between 8,500 and 10,500 feet above sea level in the Atlas Mountains. Six ski lifts and other amenities are available at the ski resort to aid skiers in their enjoyment of the sport.

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