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5 Best Moroccan Blanket To Buy In 2021

5 Best Moroccan Blanket To Buy In 2021


Moroccan blankets are an ageless symbol of culture and wisdom. This traditional item is weaved with patience, passion, and ancient techniques by locals for beautiful home decorations. This handcrafted blanket-making process is indeed mesmerizing and requires artistic skills to give it an outstanding finish. In order to preserve its originality, professional weavers need to stay very careful while weaving a moroccan blanket.


The technique of handwoven blankets weaved using moroccan style is completely unique and interesting as well. Moroccan blankets are woven by hands in workshops to meet your widespread needs to get customized moroccan items. To produce such masterpieces and exclusive-made moroccan items, premium-quality wool is sourced and uses ancient methods to design bohemian blankets for buyers. 


So, if you are eager to explore more about customized moroccan blankets, keep on reading to look for the top 5 handwoven blankets below –


  1. Moroccan Blanket With Tassels – Royal Blue (from $79.20)

 Moroccan blanket with tassels - Royal Blue

This handwoven blanket is painted in a single-color shade to add magic to your any-size room. It featured blue tassels to provide a unique appearance, and also you can easily clean it with simple steps and super-soft to offer extreme comfort to wearers. These low-budget blankets are perfect moroccan items to match a wide range of occasions, including on a plane, on a cozy sofa, or while traveling long distances. You will also get multiple color and size options to pick your ideal product and enjoy super relaxation. 


  1. Moroccan Blanket With Tassels – Terracotta (from $79.20)

 Moroccan blanket with tassels - Terracotta

This lightweight blanket is woven by hands to use all year round and seek complete relaxation. This handwoven blanket featured terracotta tassels to give a modern glance and was made using super-soft and easy-to-clean materials. This traditional throw is also available in widespread size and color options, which customers can choose accordingly for their dazzling home décor. 


  1. Moroccan Blanket With Black Stripes And White Tassels (from $79.20)

 Moroccan blanket with tassels - Black and White Tassels

This traditional blanket is made using pure-quality cotton and ancient techniques by locals. Its black stripes will give your room a sense of modernization, and it is super easy to clean with simple cleaning steps. This handwoven bohemian throw is just a perfect item to use on many occasions, including while traveling, and is also available in multiple size options. Shopping for handwoven blankets online, you can even expect to have fast delivery. 


  1. Moroccan Blanket With Black Tassels – Gray (from $79.20)

 Moroccan blanket with tassels - Black and Gray

This traditional blanket is made using pure-quality cotton and in original moroccan style to match any modern or contemporary room. Handloomed by the local artisans of Morocco, this black-striped moroccan item is colored and patterned in unique methods, which are excellent to use for multiple purposes. This low-budget throw is super-soft, comfortable, and easy-to-clean, and also you can get ample size options to match your individual needs of home décor. 


  1. Moroccan Blanket With Tassels – White And Terracotta Stripes (from $79.20)

 Moroccan blanket with tassels - White and Terracotta

This handmade blanket is simply adorable if you want to go with moroccan culture and pure-quality cotton-made items. Handloomed by local artisans using ancient methods, you can use such a versatile item on many occasions and while traveling long distances. Its tassels and pattern are very unique, which can also offer extreme comfort and easy cleaning option to customers. Each blanket is made to order as per your preferred size and color options. 


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