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5 Best Tips To Take Proper Care of Your Moroccan Woollen Rugs

5 Best Tips To Take Proper Care of Your Moroccan Woollen Rugs

One of the commonly asked questions we get here at Marrakech Shop Design from most of our customers is – “how to take the best care of moroccan woollen rugs?” With their beautiful designs, bohemian textures, and rich colors, you properly need to know how to clean and maintain such exclusive-made woollen rugs. But, there’s nothing to worry about as we’ve enlisted major information you need to read and ensure an exact care of your moroccan rugs. 

A traditional technique to clean your moroccan rugs is to put your expensive rugs under the sun and allow them to bake for few hours. Thereafter, you need to shake out the dust from them before bringing them back to home. This traditional method to clean your moroccan rug is extremely useful and will ensure consistent maintenance as well. But, that’s difficult to deal with stubborn stains in your moroccan woollen rugs, which you just can’t ignore anymore.

To know the basic steps to ensure proper care of moroccan rugs, continue reading with us to get a clear idea of moroccan rugs maintenance. Before knowing the top 6 tips to take care of your exclusive-made moroccan woollen rugs, you need to know the followings things as important –


What Are Moroccan Rugs Made From?

The first step to confirm the exact cleaning of your moroccan rugs is understanding the materials used to handcraft your moroccan rugs. At Marrakech Shop Design, our standard moroccan rugs are commonly made of premium-quality wool to give your interior a rich look. There are even some rugs, which are made using synthetic materials or cotton to offer clients with affordable options. 

Because your moroccan rug is made using wool as its primary material, it is important to ensure a special care in its cleaning steps. Taking care of your exclusive-made moroccan woollen rugs will go easy if you’ve the right information about its professional cleaning process. That’s also important to remain careful if you’ve plans to wash your moroccan rugs at regular intervals. 

Now, let’s look for –

What Are The Basic Things To Know About Caring Your Moroccan Woollen Rugs?

In order to protect and ensure professional care of your moroccan rugs, you need to keep the following things in mind as crucial –


  1. Brush It

For brushing your moroccan woollen rugs, you no need to panic if it's shedding maximum wool as it’s completely normal. To keep its gorgeousness and ensure its proper maintenance, you often need to brush the handmade moroccan rug with care. 


  1. Vacuum

This step of vacuuming moroccan rugs is important if you want to ensure its proper care and use it for longer times. Also, don’t just end up wresting with an exclusive-made woollen rug to vacuum it professionally. 


  1. Hang It In The Sun

That’s important to place your moroccan woollen rugs in the sun to bake for few hours, keeping their beautiful looks forever.  


  1. Avoid Dark Rooms

 Avoid keeping your customized moroccan rugs in shadowy rooms, or else unwanted moths and moisture will poorly impact its texture. 


  1. Wet Wash Your Rugs

If you want to wet wash your woollen rugs, make sure to use natural-made shampoos ensuring its color protection. To remove stubborn stains with proper care, you need to contact a nearby carpet cleaner to perform the job with expert skills. 

 Now, if you want to shop for handcrafted moroccan rugs at affordable prices, you need to look for Marrakech Shop Design to enjoy your online shopping experience. Here you will get a wide range of moroccan items with the customization and matching your unique ideas of home décor. To check out our vast collection of moroccan woollen rugs, you can visit us online at right now! 

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