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6 Best Straw Beach Bags To Shop Under $69

6 Best Straw Beach Bags To Shop Under $69

Heading towards the beach this hot summer day? Then, feel delighted to carry your summer essentials in style with some of the best-in-class straw beach bags & totes. 

There is plenty of traditional beach bags and raffia totes of all kinds available in the market, and most of these handwoven bags are expensive to effort always. Therefore, you’ve to plan accordingly to choose something affordable to purchase anytime. Make sure to pick a versatile, which can match you any range of traditional and modern outfits. 

Though if you’ve any confusion about carrying a massive tote for this summer, you can simply check out the fall 2021 collection of Marrakech Shop Design today! Here you can get to see a wide range of designer straw beach bags and accessories, which can easily match your any outfit as well as home décor items to glorify your interior space. 

Renowned as an all-in-one store, you can enjoy shopping for designer beach bags to moroccan poufs and blankets here at Marrakech Shop Design. We have the best fall 2021 collection in our online shop to match your needs as well as the budget of your choice. These designer beach bags are easily available online and priced below $69 to perfectly match any budget. 


A List of Top 6 Fashionable Straw Beach Bags Under $69 

If you are eager to purchase a classic straw bag or an oversized tote for the family holidays, keep on reading to make a smart purchase. Here we’ve compiled the top 6 fashionable beach bags from Marrakech Shop Design to consider selecting ahead of your summer beach tours. 

So, let’s check out –

  1. Monogrammed Straw Bag With Pompoms 

Monogrammed straw bag with Pompoms


This super-stylish straw beach bag is made with pompoms and reasonably priced at $68 to fit diverse budgets. This handwoven beachwear is medium in size and comes with customization options. You can even choose color options and an added embroidered monogram as per your individual needs to fit this beach bag. 


  1. Personalized Large Straw Beach Basket 

Personalized Large Straw Beach Basket


This large beach basket is extremely affordable to grab anytime at $68. This fashionable beachwear comes with customization options, which you can match with your modern or classic outfits. Because of its giant size, it can adjust you every summer essential with required comfort at such a pocket-saving price.


  1. Pom Pom Straw Beach Bag – Multicolor 

Pom Pom Straw Beach Bag - MultiColor


This handwoven beach bag is made with multicolored pompoms to match any range of traditional and western outfits. This stylish straw beachwear is available at extremely competitive prices for $69, that’s quite surprising. You can also customize the color of its pompoms according to your own preference. 


  1. Personalized Straw Bag 

Personalized straw bag


As its name suggests, you can customize these highly fashionable straw beach bags according to your preferred size and style. This handmade straw bag is priced at $67, which is made by the local artisans of Morocco. And so, you can order it anytime to carry on your exotic summer vacations. 


  1. Monogrammed Bag With Pompoms – Leather 

Monogrammed Straw Bag with Pompoms - Leather


This highly customizable straw bag is made of long leather handles and pompoms to give a stylish touch to your modern outfit. You can pick such a stylish straw beach bag with a zipper at an extremely reasonable price at $68 from Marrakech Shop Design. This handwoven fall 2021 collection is even made by the local artisans of Morocco to fit different budgets. 


  1. Bonny Straw Bag 

Bonny straw bag


This hand-made straw beach bag is exceptionally cute and available only in small sizes to fit fashionable outfits of ladies. This bonny bag is priced just at $55 that’s comparatively low than the other bags listed above. And it’s perfect to carry on a pool party or exotic summer events. 

Let’s hope you can now make the right choice of straw beach bags to buy for 2021. 

Interested to shop for handwoven straw-made items and accessories? Then, feel free to visit our official website at to enjoy unlimited shopping at special offers. Visit today!

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