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7 Beautiful Straw Beach Bags For Every Budget In 2021

7 Beautiful Straw Beach Bags For Every Budget In 2021

Most of us are interested in starting each year with planning about our next beach days. However, we can commonly skip out carrying all the required stuff to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Forgetting straw beach bags and accessories can create problems in your enjoyment, and so you need to understand simple ways to experience a peaceful vacation. 


Instead of packing all of your beach day essentials (like beach towels, hats, or sunscreen) in any shopping tote, you might consider investing in a beautiful straw beach bag to look fashionable. Whether you want to get stylish beach bags or extra-large totes to carry essentials for the whole family, there’s ample straw beach bags option available at Marrakech Shop Design to enjoy shopping for every budget. 


Now that you are in search of the best beach bags to match your stylish outfit, continue reading with us till the end. As here we’ve rounded up some of the best-of-2021 straw bags available in our online shop to enjoy your shopping at pocket-saving rates. Our designer beach bags are available in all shapes and sizes option, so you can pick one as per your individual needs and budget. 


From fashionable to functional and vacation wear, we’ve enlisted some of the beautiful straw beach bags to take the travelers from the sand to the street. Let’s look for the top 7 budget-friendly beach bags here –


  1. Large Customized Evil Eyes Basket With Leather

Large Customized Evil eyes Basket with leather

From beach towels to sunscreen and sunglasses, this oversized basket with leather can hold all of your beach gear in the sun necessities. This fashionable beach basket’s outstanding feature is its customization option, in which you can add your name to keep it safe always. This market-style bag has been handmade using palm leaves by the local artisans of Morocco. This large-size beach basket can also be used as a grocery bag, pool bag, day bag, or picnic bag. 


  1. Monogrammed Straw Bag With Pompoms

Monogrammed straw bag with Pompoms

There is no wonder why this straw bag with pompons is one of Marrakech Shop Design’s best-selling items – as it’s just the perfect beach bag. Handwoven from straw, it can be customized to suit your unique needs of fashion. This oversized monogrammed straw bag with pompom handles can be used as a beach bag, picnic bag, and pool party bag as well. 


  1. Personalized Large Beach Basket 

 Personalized Large Beach Basket

This handcrafted stunner is an excellent beach basket choice, which is made of straw by the local artisans of Morocco. This oversized straw beach basket is featured with a leather handle and comes with customization options to add your name or symbol to it. This beautiful beach bag is ideal for day bags, grocery bags, and pool bags. 


  1. Personalized Medina Basket

 Personalized Medina Basket

While buying unique straw beach bags, you might want something to withstand the elements of the sand and sea, which is why a personalized medina basket is an ideal option to must-have for beach days. This unique arm accessory is made of palm leaves and cotton cord dyed in the color of your preference to withstand wear and tear. This fashionable beach basket can also be used as a pool nag, grocery bag, and picnic bag to buy for different budgets. 


  1. Bonny Straw Bag

 Bonny straw bag

This stylish straw bag is ready to be packed in your sunscreen and sunglasses as you want to enjoy the next summer vacation. This designer beach bag is comparatively small in size and can be personalized to add your name or something unique in it of your choice. This is also a straw-made bag by the local artisans of Morocco. And so, it’s ideal for beach bags, pool bags, and party bags as well. 


  1. Customized Raffia Bag

Customized raffia bag


This ultra-modern raffia bag is an excellent choice for fashionable ladies. This round-shaped straw bag is made using a cotton cord dyed in the color of your preference and comes with a personalized option to include your name and symbol in it. This handcrafted raffia bag is medium in size and can be used as a beach bag, day bag, picnic bag, or pool bag. 


  1. Portofino Evil Eye Bag

 Portofino Evil Eye Bag

Made of palm leaves, this market-style bag has been handcrafted by the local artisans of Morocco. This medium-sized bag is perfect for a weekend getaway to the beach, or a day in the market. And so, it’s another best beach bag along with the above-mentioned straw bags for every budget. This fashionable bag is ideal for beachwear and pool-party wear as well. 


Before choosing any of the above-mentioned unique collections of handcrafted beach bags, it’s important to consider its perfect size, color options, pockets, and materials to make a smart purchase. In case you are enthusiastic to check out a vast collection of straw beach bags, visit us at to place your online orders with special offers and discounts today!

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