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7 Easy Steps To Clean Your Straw Bags

7 Easy Steps To Clean Your Straw Bags

Designer straw bags are a summer staple, which adds elegance to linen dresses & beach cover-ups for ladies. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve spent an excessive amount to purchase a new straw bag, or got an affordable one, you must want to make your bag look good and last for long. If you are using it on a regular purpose to carry on shopping, make sure to give it a proper cleaning. Interested to learn easy steps to clean your straw bags? Then, continue reading with us to learn some effective tips to keep your straw handbags in great shape for years to come.


Follow these effective tips to restore the classiness of your strew handbags and brighten their color without damaging the delicate material:

  1. Prepare your expensive straw bag for cleaning by emptying all inside its pockets/ zippers and shake it well upside-down to remove the existing dirt. 
  2. Moisten a clean cloth with lukewarm water to wipe down your designer straw bags.
  3. Brighten the color of your straw purse with a simple soap wash. 
  4. Remove oil and grease stains from the bag with a toothbrush.
  5. Use your vacuum to get out dirt and dust from the straw handbag. 
  6. Fix tears in your straw purse with rubber cement and fabric to keep it in great shape. 
  7. Allow your straw purse to completely dry away from the heat. 


Every expensive straw purse will eventually need a coat of shellac to protect the color from fading. However, straw accessories aren’t a year-round accessory, and so require storing during the winter seasons. These handbags will also require some extra care as :

  • Keep your straw handbags away from the bright sunlight
  • Keep your straw purses away from high-humidity areas/ very dry areas
  • Store it in a non-air conditioned space
  • Keep it in a cotton storage container to prevent dust and allow it to breathe
  • While in the closet, make sure to keep your straw bags in shape by stuffing them and storing them upright 


How Often You Need To Clean Your Straw Handbags?

All brands of straw handbags eventually need to be cleaned. If you are using it at regular intervals, make sure to clean it every two to three months to keep it in great shape. For special occasion straw purses, a good cleaning every six to eight months is recommended. Take the time to clean your straw purses properly. In case your straw bags are trimmed with leather, you should never place them in a washer or allow them to soak in a sink. Cleaning by hands is the right way to keep your straw handbags safe and long-lasting. 


What Are Required To Clean Your Designer Straw Bags?

The following equipment is required to clean a straw purse or handbag :

  • Vacuum
  • Toothbrush
  • A Clean Cloth
  • Sink/ Large Tub for Hand Washing

 The lists of material required to clean a straw bag are:

  • Lukewarm Water
  • Liquid Dish Detergent
  • Lint Roller
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Metal Polish/ Brass Cleaner (Optional)
  • Tissue Paper

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