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Straw Bags

Fashion Forward With The Classic Straw Bags of 2021

The trending accessory to possess currently with a purpose to remain classic is a straw bag. Designer straw bags are ultra-trendy and comparatively cost-effective than leather bags. It is a most versatile accessory to carry as a simple clutch or exclusive wedding purse. Thus, fashionable straw clutches are available in all sizes and shapes today!

These trendy accessories aren’t only cool for the designs, but the history too. Highly-skilled artisans mastered the craft of making attractive accessories out of bamboo, seagrass, and rattan. They’ve re-shaped straws into unique works of art. Obviously, straw bags are comparatively affordable and stylish to wear for different festivals. 

Are you planning to order a stylish straw accessory to carry on your wedding night? Then, you need to get a clear idea of trending fashionables and their origin. So, let’s start with –


Origin of Straw Bags

The straw accessories come with an interesting and rich history. They were originally prepared to carry essential stuff, and even kids. Overtime straw handbags have become more compact and fashionable. The designs of straw accessories are more creative and structured to match the versatile needs of fashion designers. These handbags aren’t only restricted to a single kind of material. And so, straw handbags are also made of regular straw, corn shells, or crocheted paper. That’s ensuring the sturdiness of the bag, and create its weaves can get to match your occasions. 

These budget-friendly bags are also made of raffia, and considering what material is used to craft it – straw accessories are structured-solid or rucksack. These nature-extracted materials can perfectly absorb colors, which offers a more versatile style in straw accessories. Also, straw accessories can perfectly match with all the latest trends and completely energize any wardrobe in an effortlessly stylish way. From lounging on the seaside to wear on office parties, regular work wears to red carpet events, stylish straw bags are superb cool due to their neutral colors. 

The 1950s was a real getaway of unique straw handbags. Because ladies of that time used to carry simple straw handbags to bring cosmetics and essential stuff. The large-version of compact straw accessories soon went viral amongst women and men. These exclusive straw accessories eventually got sophisticated in the late 90s because talented designers began to accept them as a collection with more reasonable price points. The options in straw accessories got enhanced with the advancement of the latest technology. 


Create Your Gorgeous Style Statement With Fashionable Straw Bags From Marrakech Shop Design

The look of straw accessories is superb cool and classic, which can go right with all your style statements. There is so much to explore when it comes to exclusive-made straw bags, which work with almost every color and style. If you want to appear casual, you can simply choose a circular straw clutch or purse. Most fashion bloggers and streetwear stylists are seen wearing elegant straw accessories to look fashionable. 

If you’ve plans to attend a cool night party with your mates, you can select an affordable straw accessory made with pom-poms or sequin works to look dazzling. These fashionable bags are even creative in all sorts of colors and size options. These trans-seasonal handbags are extremely summer-preferable, which are available as canvas totes, khaki hats, and straw sandals. 

Ultimately, straw accessories are available to everyone at any price point across all the fashion demographics. The fashionable straw handbags are accessible in versatile color schemes, shapes, and styles to match several occasions. From retro unique to vintage chic, straw accessories continue to craft marks in today’s fashion. Styling has no margins with straw accessories, and a creative mind is imperative. 

Interested to shop for trans-seasonal straw bags to carry on your special occasion? Then, Marrakech Shop Design is a one-stop-shop to choose summer-friendly and trendy-fashionables at industry-standard rates. 

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