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How To Fill A Moroccan Pouf?

How To Fill A Moroccan Pouf?

In today’s interior concept, moroccan poufs are commonly used as a perfect item for home décor. From extra seating options and glorifying your old space, customized moroccan poufs or ottomans are widely used as versatile accessories. These bohemian poufs are commonly visible in modern interiors as well. 

If you are reading, chances are you want to explore more about moroccan poufs or steps to stuff your ottoman. Most of the handwoven poufs are shipped empty, so you want to know how to fill them when they arrive to make them useful. So, don’t worry about anything as we’ve got you covered, and filling these bohemian poufs is a fun activity. 

Every moroccan pouf generally comes with a zipper on its end, which will allow you to easily fill them. You are still unknow what to stuff your moroccan poufs with? Here’re its exact stuffing options –


  • Shredded Memory Foam

To perfectly stuff your newly purchased moroccan poufs, you can use Shredded memory foam stuffing as per its size to make it more useful for homes. You can get Shredded Memory Foam stuffing options at Amazon. If you want to stuff round, square, or rectangular poufs, you need to select the quantity of polyester stuffing accordingly. 


  • Stuff Your Ottomans With Unused/ Old Clothes

This is another affordable choice to stuff your customized moroccan poufs with easy methods. For those who want to use poufs as an extra seating option, you can plan to stuff such a versatile piece with old clothes, which are no more usable or were never in usage.

Therefore, you can simply opt for the following textiles to fill handcrafted moroccan poufs –

  • old clothes of your children
  • unused pillows
  • sweaters
  • old jeans
  • jackets or other winter-wear
  • bath towels
  • blankets

The above-mentioned old/ unused items can make your moroccan pouf perfectly stuffed, and you can eventually use it as an extra seater or place it to glorify your modern interior space. With the hope of getting an attractive round pouf shape, you need to stuff it to the max as it's also useable to store your secret items. 


  • Fill A Moroccan Pouf With Grocery Bags

To fill the best-looking moroccan pouf to its max, you are recommended to use grocery gears with an objective to stuff it correctly. For using it as a perfect storage option, you can anytime pull out its stuffing and fold the flat for travel. According to your room size, you need to select its shape (whether round, rectangular, or square) to make your space appear extraordinary. 

In order to make your space appear well-managed, you need to clear your space by storing unused items in your moroccan poufs. 

Once you’ve gathered the fillers, let’s look for –

 Steps To Fill Your Customized Moroccan Poufs

 To stuff your custom-made moroccan pouf, you need to start with –

  1. Unzip the bottom of your newly purchased puff to stuff it correctly. 
  2. Gather what you would want to stuff your pouf with and make sure it is clear and moisture-free to fill the best home décor item.
  3. Let’s fill your ottoman at its edges and continue stuffing until it's jam-packed. 
  4. Once it is completed stuffed, zip your ottoman and put it in your room to use it as an extra seating option.   

Now, let’s hope you can enjoy moroccan poufs as a versatile item commonly used for today’s home décor. 

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