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How to Wash Straw Bags

How to Wash Straw Bags

You want it to look good and last as long as possible, whether you spend hundreds of dollars on a new designer straw or fabric handbag or just a few dollars on a great find. The majority of handbags, especially the ones we use daily, suffer significant damage. We cram them full of products that leak and spill, throw them on the ground, and overfill them. But with these straightforward tips, you can continue to use your favorite straw and fabric bags for many years to come.

Empty and vacuum

Completely empty the internal pockets and purse. The best approach to keep woven straw bags free of dust and grime is to use the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Dust and dirt are drawn into the cracks by woven straw bags.

If your vacuum does not have an upholstery brush attachment, cover the hose nozzle with an old pair of pantyhose and secure it with a rubber band.


Clean the lining

If the straw bag has a fabric interior, thoroughly vacuum it and remove any stains as you would on a purse made of fabric. If the liner is removable, wash it by hand in the sink and let it air dry before reinserting.


Clean the straw

Use a clean cloth slightly dampened with water to gently wipe away surface dirt.

One cup of warm water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent can be combined to clean a heavily filthy region of the straw. Grab a used toothbrush and dunk it in the concoction. Utilizing the grain of the straw, gently rub the soiled region with the soapy toothbrush. To get rid of any soap residue and loose soil, wipe the area with a clean, white cloth that has been dipped in water. Avoid soaking the straw excessively.


Dry the bag

Air-dry the bag far from sources of extreme heat and light

Treating stains on fabric and straw handbags

Dip a cotton ball or swab in rubbing alcohol and compress it until it is damp but not wet to remove ink from a fabric purse. To remove the ink, gently dab the stain; after that, thoroughly wipe with a dry paper towel. Continue until the stain is removed.

With a dry paper towel, a hand vacuum, or both, take off as much damp or dried makeup as you can to get rid of makeup stains from a fabric handbag. Then, if directed for particular types of makeup stains, treat with a laundry stain remover after wiping with a damp paper towel.

It can be similar to caring for a straw hat to remove stains from a straw purse. Apply cornstarch or talcum powder to oily or greasy stains on a straw handbag to help it absorb the stain. After a couple of hours, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the powder.


Tips for washing fabric and straw handbags

  • Hand washing is an option for fabric handbags without internal structural supports or leather trim. Use mild soap and cool water. Avoid wringing. Rinse well, then let the hair air dry away from the sun.
  • To prevent stains, spray new cloth bags with a stain-resistant formula like TexGuard or Scotchgard.
  • Use packaging tape with the adhesive side facing out to tap all over a straw handbag to gather dust, lint, and pet hair in between cleanings.
  • To avoid stains, store your cosmetics in a sealed, waterproof bag inside your purse.
  • Take the purse to the dry cleaner if the care label advises against washing it at home or if you don't want to use water on the fabric.
  • Fill a small container with baking soda, put it inside the bag, and let it there for 24 hours to absorb the smell to help with odor removal.
  • Pay attention to where you place your bag to prevent contaminating the purse. Your bag may quickly become stained by the floors of public areas, necessitating additional cleanings.
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