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Top 5 Easter Bags To Add Into Your Shopping Cart

Top 5 Easter Bags To Add Into Your Shopping Cart

If you are in search of the best 5 Easter bags to add into your shopping cart, you’ve reached the right platform. Here you will get to see a range of straw-made baskets for Easter that everyone in your house will love to decorate. Options for toddlers, tweens, adults, and elderly people, you all will simply get amazed with our exclusive straw-made collections. 

These top 5 Easter bags are made with much creative ideas, which everyone wants to add into their shopping carts at affordable prices. From traditional Easter baskets to mini bags and small straw-made baskets, choosing any of the below-listed bags will be useful to store your functional stuff around the house or going out for shopping. If you want to bring more items into your house, then it needs to be something that will be helpful after Easter. 

There are so many excellent options for Easter bags available in the market. But, if you want to make a perfect choice, continue reading with us to pick items you can even use later. So, let’s look for the top 5 Easter bags to add into your shopping cart –


  1. Three Happy Eggs Mini Basket (from $55)


This “V”-design Easter basket is personalized with egg motifs to add a charm of the day. It’s designed by the local artisans of Morocco that’s a perfect choice to select in your shopping cart for Easter. This handwoven mini basket is priced at $55, which is an exclusive item of Marrakech Shop Design to compliment your online shopping for the festival.  


  1. Small Straw Bag – Bunny (from $55)


This bunny basket for Easter is “v”-shaped and made of palm leaves and cotton to match your online shopping needs. This fashionable basket is even a perfect choice to use as a pool bag, beach bag, picnic bag, and grocery bag for ladies. Pick this Eastern bag to decorate it with creative ideas for the family and celebrate the occasion with togetherness.


  1. Easter Pom Pom Bag (from $55)


This handcrafted Eastern bag is made by the local artisans of Morocco to compliment your celebration and is also useful after Easter. Using cotton cord dyed in the color of your preference, your customization can be woven into the Easter bag’s design by our skilled artisans. It’s also a perfect item to use as a pool bag for fashionable ladies and is priced at $55. 


  1. Carrot Small Basket (from $55)


This trendy basket is priced at $55 and designed with a carrot motif to complement your decoration needs for Easter. Your small-size basket can also be used as a pool bag, grocery bag, and picnic bag for ladies who want to pick something unique along with their fashionable dressing. To pick something extraordinary for Easter, Marrakech Shop Design’s Mr. Carrot Small Basket is your ideal match to purchase online. 


  1. Bunny Easter Basket (from $55)

 Bunny easter basket

This bunny Easter basket is priced at $55 to compliment your online shopping needs for the festival decoration. It’s a medium-sized Easter basket that’s made with palm leaves and cotton to be used as a pool bag or picnic bag for ladies. This bunny basket is handcrafted by the local artisans of Morocco and can also be used as a perfect weekend gateway for fashionable ladies.  

Now that you are eager to shop for trending Easter baskets to decorate the house, look no further than Marrakech Shop Design to compliment your online shopping needs. From Mother’s Day bags to Easter baskets and straw clutches, we are your preferred shopping destination to grab exclusive-made items at the best deals. To know more about our unique straw-made collections, you can send us an email at and check out what’s fashionable today!


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