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Top 5 Moroccan Clutches To Shop For This Winter

Top 5 Moroccan Clutches To Shop For This Winter

A handmade moroccan clutch is all-time an excellent alternative to totes for this winter. The compact shape is an incredible way to rationalize from designer handbags and satchels. Just like fashionable handbags for women, moroccan clutches are made with convenient pockets, optional shoulder chains, roomy insides, and customization to look dazzling. 

So, if you need something sleek or small to wear to wedding parties or a custom-made clutch for this winter, we’ve got you covered. From the best formal parties to nights out with girls and cultural events, continue reading for the top 5 moroccan clutches to shop for keeping your essentials within arm’s reach. Here we’ve rounded up a list of the top 5 moroccan clutches to match your everyday style, purpose, and budget. 

Let’s take a glance –


  1. Personalized Clutch (for $67)

Personalized Clutch

Among today’s fashionable accessories, a personalized moroccan clutch is just a perfect choice for this winter, in which women can carry around essentials very comfortably. Handwoven by the locals of Morocco, this budget-friendly clutch is excellent to create your style statement and can be used to carry your credit cards, smartphones, and other everyday items. This personalized moroccan clutch is made with straw and is available in a one-size option for all those fashionable ladies in the town. 

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  1. Amalfi Evil Clutch (for $67)

Amalfi Evil Clutch

This handcrafted evil-eye clutch is a perfect carrying choice for these winter months, which is made with straw to match any designer outfit of ladies. Crafted by the local artisans of morocco, women can use it to carry mobile phones, everyday items, credit cards, and keys to keep them organized. This medium-size moroccan clutch is available in a single-size option and will give you a glamorous look for the day. 

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  1. Easter Clutch – Carrots (for $67)

Easter clutch - carrots

This handwoven moroccan clutch is made with premium-quality straw and metal zipper to match all your unique styling requirements. This fashionable clutch is customized with carrot motifs and perfect to be used for carrying your credit cards, smartphones, and other everyday necessaries in order. This ultra-stylish moroccan clutch is also ideal for these winter parties, gathering with girls, and much more. 

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 4. Mom Straw Clutch (for $67)


This straw-made moroccan clutch is just a perfect choice to grab at affordable prices, which you can purchase to gift your mother. From carrying your everyday essentials to credit cards, cosmetics, and smartphones, it can store your plenteous utilities. This handcrafted moroccan clutch with a metal zipper is made with premium-quality palm leaves for today’s fashionable ladies. 

To create your unique style statement with a stylish clutch, you can grab this handmade mom straw clutch from Marrakech Shop Design today!


  1. Cyprus Evil Clutch (for $67)

Cyprus Evil Clutch

This fashionable cyprus evil clutch is made with pure-quality straw and meta zipper to store your everyday essentials within your arm’s reach. Handcrafted by the locals of Morocco, this mid-size clutch will give you all bohemian looks for this winter. This budget-friendly moroccan purse is just a perfect match for formal parties, gatherings with girls, wedding parties, and much more, which will also give women a unique sense of stylishness. 

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Hopefully, the above-mentioned straw-made clutches will match your needs to look dazzling for this winter. To shop for tailor-made moroccan items and personalized clutches at affordable prices, you can send us an email at with your requirements. Contact today!

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