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Top 5 Moroccan Handbags To Shop For Summer 2022

Top 5 Moroccan Handbags To Shop For Summer 2022

Unlike ready-to-wear outfits and matching jewellery, Moroccan handbags tend to be the most vibrant choice for ladies. There is a myriad of options available to make your smart choice and upgrade your style statement as a modern girl. In 2022, the biggest handbag trends toe the line between timelessly archival and offbeat collections.  

With the latest launch of Moroccan handbags daily debuting, Marrakech Shop Design is a perfect shop to get a wide range of unique items at affordable price ranges. From 90’s-inspired totes to modern shoulder bags and straw bags, we will get you all covered with the best Moroccan handbags for ladies to shop for this summer. Let’s start on a sunny weather handbag choice by checking our collection at to place your online order. 

90’s fashion has been trending at present and its summer collection of Moroccan handbags further has a new and more elevated levels. From rectangular purses to square straw bags and fashionable totes, here is a list of the top 5 Moroccan handbags for this summer (2022) –


  1. Tama White Handbag (from $199)

Tama White Handbag

This fashionable handbag is a perfect choice to match any summer or spring outfit. It featured a beige and white coat, which you can pick as a suitable mate to complete your modern style statement in all contexts. Having traditional looks paired with “white” motifs, it is just an ideal choice for today’s ladies for taking beach trips. This handbag is comparatively priced inexpensive at $199 for the buyers. 


2. Tairi Handbag (from $199)

Tairi Handbag

This Moroccan handbag is manufactured in a vibrant red to match your night party outfits in the summer months. With its practical size and unique closure with moroccan carpet patterns, you can easily wear it to compliment your monotonous summer outfits. If you also want to go on a city walk or visit a wedding party, you can pick it as your perfect match of fashionable handbag for the hot days.


3. Awra Handbag (from $199)

This budget-friendly handbag is made with a piece of moroccan art, which indicates a sense of welcome for beautiful ladies. It’s decorated with vintage rugs, reddish walls, and striped curtains, you can pick it as an ideal choice to shop for the hot days of summer. Featured with an extraordinary closure and a sleek grip, you can buy this Moroccan handbag from Marrakech Shop Design at the best deals.


4. Safari Berber Handbag (from $199)

This Berber handbag is a unique-made moroccan item, which is exclusively priced at $199 for ladies. Its lightweight and practical size is a perfect option to wear on a pool party or girl’s night-out to prove yourself as extremely stylish. In order to stand outstanding in a sunny outings or night parties, you can grab it as an ultimate handbag choice for the summer days. 


5. Daisy Flower Handbag (from $199)

This lightweight daisy flower handbag is quite a simple and adorable choice to plan a summer vacation with much fun for ladies. Priced at $199, this fashionable handbag is your perfect companion for the hot days in 2022. With a well-contrasted and eye-soothing color palette, it comes with a unique closure and a shiny cobalt yellow border. It’s designed to give a radiant touch to the modern looks of today’s ladies.


Let’s hope the above-mentioned moroccan items will suit your needs to buy handbags for the hot days in 2022. 

If you now want to shop for fashionable Moroccan handbags crafted by the local artisans of Morocco, look for Marrakech Shop Design to fill your online shopping bag with wonderful items. To find out our vast collection of straw-made items and enjoy extra savings at each purchase, you can stay connected with our experts at right now!




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