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Top 5 Moroccan Home Décor Items To Create An Inspiring House

Top 5 Moroccan Home Décor Items To Create An Inspiring House

Moroccan home décor items are extremely suitable to glory your interior with uniqueness. From handcrafted to stunning and unique, you need to be choosy while buying home décor items. To do that, finding the best home décor shop is even recommended to enjoy your online shopping experience. 


To buy bold lanterns, handmade blankets, pillows, straw pendants, and other exclusive-made items, make sure to understand what you actually want and can afford for the best home decorations. Featuring vibrant colors to extreme patterns and straw-made items, moroccan custom is surrounded by enriched culture and exotic vibes. Moroccan home décor ideas are a great compliment to your unique interior and make your sense of fulfillment. 


Interested to learn how to beautifully decorate a modern or contemporary interior space with moroccan style? Then, keep on reading with us to check out our vast collection of moroccan items at In the following write-up, we will guide you to pick exclusive-made items with sustainable materials for beautiful home décor. 


So, let’s look for the top 5 handcrafted home décor items made by local artisans of Morocco –


  1. Black And White Moroccan Blanket With Tassels (from $79.20)

Moroccan blanket with tassels - Black and White Tassels


This handcrafted blanket from Marrakech Shop Design is made with pure-quality cotton to adore your interior and offer required comfort to users. This low-budget blanket comes with black tassels to add an accent to your modern interior. This super-soft and easy-to-clean moroccan item are ideal for traveling to different festivals for beautifying the house. This cotton-made item is even available in various size options to suit your needs of home décor. 


  1. Medium Round Pendant (from $80)

 Medium Round Pendant

The dynamic team of Marrakech Shop Design takes pride to introduce such an exclusive-made straw pendant. Its design has been handcrafted from leaf reeds to add exoticness to your interior. This straw-made pendant is round in shape and a very soft item to have decorative homes. This handcrafted straw pendant is medium in size and can be customized according to your needs of home décor. 


  1. Flower of Queen Pillow (from $68)

 Flower of Queen Pillow

This handwoven pillow is just an ideal moroccan item to add a perfect touch for beautiful home decors. Extracted from locally sourced cotton, this “flower of queen pillow” is made by the local artisans of Morocco at Marrakech Shop Design. This affordable pillow is available in a single size and material option with multiple color selections of consumers. 


  1. Moroccan Blanket With Tassels – White & Black Stripe With Yellow Ochre Tassels (from $79.20)

 Moroccan blanket with tassels - White with Yellow Ochre Tassels

This beautiful blanket with yellow ochre tassels is available in multiple size and color options to match any size and diverse home décor. This handcrafted blanket is a perfect choice to add an accent to your contemporary or modern rooms. These throws are just a perfect option to place on a couch or while traveling long distances. 


  1. Nomad Guedim Pendant (from $130)

 Nomad Guedim Pendant

This highly expensive pendant is an excellent option for the bohemian home décor of today’s beautiful-looking houses. It’s also a very pretty option and made with sustainable materials to add an accent to your modern interior. To buy from Marrakech Shop Design’s large collection of exquisitely crafted items, visit our official website to enjoy your online shopping. 


Let’s hope the above-mentioned items will meet your uniqueness of the best home décor. To know more about our purchasing steps and convenience, send us an email at with your questions. Contact today!

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