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Top 5 Moroccan Items To Shop From Our Tribal Collection

Top 5 Moroccan Items To Shop From Our Tribal Collection

The famous Moroccan tribal tradition of weaving is creating unique-made carpets for decoration, moroccan poufs for seating, and blankets for humans – and it’s also extended to beautifully crafted moroccan pillows and straw-made handbags. These handcrafted moroccan items were mainly created to add some extra comfort to your space and gorgeously decorate the house. Many tribal families have handwoven gems to make it an important part of daily home life. 

Because of the tent moroccan pillow’s customized size, a weaver needs to be enough skillful to create a unique item. The local artisans also required ample time to create such a masterpiece, which will showcase their professional skills and craft of them. Sometimes we come across “practice moroccan pillows”, which are mostly woven by young artisans to support new talents.  

Reflecting the traditional design of different tribes, let’s look for the top 5 handcrafted things to buy from the “Tribal Collection” of Marrakech Shop Design –


  1. Finis Tribe (from $75)


This handwoven tribal pillow is made with a unique mix of natural and decorative looks for the house. One of the best things from Marrakech Shop Design’s tribal collection, it’s just a perfect moroccan item to add a sense of originality to your space. It has Cactus Silk Embroidery fabric to be handmade by the local artisans of Morocco. And this handcrafted moroccan pillow is available in a single-size option for $75. 


  1. Zerouala Tribe (from $70)


This tribal handwoven basket is a great moroccan addition to every modern and contemporary outfit of beautiful ladies. It has the traditional tribal design and is made of straw and cotton, which will showcase an original tribal look. This handmade basket from Marrakech Shop Design is available in a single-size option and is priced at $70. 


  1. Nfifa Tribe (from $70)


This traditional tribal basket has an elegant and beautiful look to fit the outfit of today’s ladies. It’s handcrafted with an original tribal design to make the basket a useful and fashionable item at the same time. It’s a mid-size moroccan basket of Marrakech Shop Design’s traditional collection and is priced affordably at $70. 


  1. Beni Malek Tribe (from $75)


This traditional tribal pillow is a perfect moroccan item to add glory to your space. Its handwoven look has the beauty to perfectly match all kinds of home décor. Made of Cactus Silk Embroidery fabric, it’s just a pillow cover to suit various comfort of modern or contemporary users and is available in a single size option. And so, it’s priced so inexpensively for $75 by Marrakech Shop Design. 


  1. Jilala Tribe (from $75)


This handwoven tribal basked has both traditional and modern charm with its amazing design. It’s just a perfect moroccan item to create a unique statement piece and get exactly matched with any modern or contemporary outfits. This traditional tribal basket of Marrakech Shop Design is available in a single (small) size option and is priced at $70 for buyers. 


Not many moroccan pillows and straw-made items are crafted by the local tradition. So, here we’ve enlisted some of the best tribal collections of our shop available online. If you want to check out the availability and pricing of each moroccan item, you can simply visit us at and place your online order right now!



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