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Top 5 Straw Bags From The Love Collection To Gift Your Girls

Top 5 Straw Bags From The Love Collection To Gift Your Girls

Whether you are going to enjoy a summer vacation or just running to a nearby grocery store, you won’t get any other perfect option than the best-in-category straw bags from the love collection of Marrakech Shop Design. These handwoven bags have been made by the local artisans of Morocco for beautiful ladies. Handcrafted with natural-extracted straw and sustainable materials, you will get multiple options to enrich your style with our vast collection of straw bags. 

That’s right! Our highly-acclaimed range of straw-made items is continuously growing to address a wide range of purchasers. Hopefully, no other options or store can complete your summery look than these handmade bags from Marrakech Shop Design’s “Love Collection”. From handwoven bags to colorful straw clutches and straw hats, you will get plenty of items to shop from here. 

Lightweight and spacious, our vast range of straw bags from the love collection will make you look different than other ladies in the society. Your dressing isn’t all about what is concerned, and so you must get accessories matching to your stylish outfit to look beautiful. So, let’s look below to find the top 5 straw bags from the love collection of Marrakech Shop Design –


  1. Moroccan Pom Pom Bag With Heart (from $70)

Moroccan Pom Pom Bag with Heart

This designer handbag is made with pom-pom straps, which are superb-sturdy and come with ample room inside to carry your major essentials for the day trip. This handmade straw bag from the love collection is just a perfect contrast to any stylish outfit for fashionable ladies these days. Priced at $70, this handbag is decorated with a red heart and you can personalize it according to your choice.  


  1. Love Straw Bag (from $70)

This love straw bag is another unique collection of Marrakech Shop Design that’s priced at $70 for the buyers. This fashionable handbag has a durable design to hold a lot of necessary items while going on vacations. You can also carry such a medium-sized straw handbag as a pool bag, grocery bag, or picnic bag.    


  1. Isheq Straw Bag (from $69)

 Isheq Straw bag

This designer Isheq handbag is a perfect choice to maintain your elegant aesthetic while going out at sea or a pool party at the night. Prices begin from $69, this handwoven straw bag has bright-colored handles and a heart design to match your various range of outfits. It's further easy to carry on your shoulder and a must-have item for beautiful ladies. 


  1. Heart Straw Bag (from $70)

heart straw bag

This fashionable heart straw bag can be customized as per your unique needs to have designer items for going to the beach vacation. It has a casual style to match your ample range of outfits, which is medium in size to be used as a pool bag, grocery bag, day bag, and picnic bag for ladies. This handbag from Marrakech Shop Design’s love collection is priced at $70 and made with palm leaves. 


  1. Mom Straw Clutch (from $67)

Mom straw clutch

This handcrafted straw clutch is a perfect option to gift your mother on a special occasion, which can easily suit your evening and daytime looks for ladies. This designer straw clutch is versatile and comes with a spacious compartment to carry multiple cards and items while going on any vacation. To keep their valuables safe, your mother will get ample chances to carry such a unique straw clutch on several occasions. 

Let’s hope all your straw-made items shopping needs will get addressed here at Marrakech Shop Design. 

Want to look for our unique collections of straw bags matching your fashionable outfits? Then, feel delighted to visit us at anytime and shop for handwoven items at affordable prices. Contact today!


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