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Top 5 Stylish Straw Clutches For Every Budget In 2022

Top 5 Stylish Straw Clutches For Every Budget In 2022

For years, straw clutches have been trending for busy ladies. But now, customized straw clutch evolves as a much more sophisticated accessory. By this time, a stylish clutch is no more reserved just for the office as it’s a crucial part of your modern wardrobe. From fashionable daytime looks to sleek evening outfits or mid-night partywear, straw clutches are a perfect addition to your existing collection.

Whether you want to get a simple purse to carry around your office or a glamorous straw-made clutch to complement your evening gown, we’ve got you covered with a range of straw bags at Marrakech Shop Design. So, let’s take a glance at our unique selection of trendy clutches, and start online shopping for your next clutch options –

1. Cyprus Evil Clutch (from $49)

This handcrafted clutch is extremely stylish to is made of 100% natural straw material to carry important items in it safely. This women’s straw clutch can also match almost all of your summer outfits, whether you are going to the office or at an evening party. Marrakech Shop Design’s Cyprus Evil Clutch is a perfect straw-made item for ladies to attend a dinner, beach wedding, office, church, and summer night out with girls.

2. Athens Evil Clutch (from $49)

It’s highly crafted with natural straw material to complement a range of summer and all-season outfits for ladies. This handwoven stylish straw clutch is crafted with enough room to comfortably carry all your stuff for travel. This fashionable clutch is a unique gift made by the local artisans of Morocco and a wonderful gift for ladies, which is only priced at $49.

3. Easter Clutch – Carrots (from $49)

This budget-friendly straw-made clutch is crafted with carrot motifs to complement your all range of modern and workwear outfits. It’s mid-sized to meet your partial storage needs, which is smart to carry your credit cards, phone, and keys. This handy straw clutch is graceful and stylish to be appropriate for any occasion, like dating, businesses, daily, and party wear.

4. Mom Straw Clutch (from $49)

This handcrafted straw clutch is made of natural straw materials, which is a versatile item to gift your mother on a special occasion. Its fashionable design is expected to gain more attention of all mothers, and a woman can carry it on any occasion or at rejoicing events. This stylish straw clutch is a perfect gift item to present to all mothers and is priced comparatively affordable at $49 by Marrakech Shop Design.

5. Rainbow Clutch (from $49)

This budget-friendly rainbow clutch is mid-sized to comfortably carry your credit cards and smartphone with extra safety. It’s designed with rainbow colors to match a wide range of stylish outfits, which is even a perfect straw-made item to gift any girl at a special event. This stylish straw clutch is a unique item to shop for today at affordable prices from Marrakech Shop Design. 

Thanks for checking out all of our exclusive range of stylish straw clutches. Let’s hope you can now make the right selection of straw-made clutches amongst our vast collection. Here you can also enjoy shopping for handcrafted straw handbags and purses within your affordable budget. Stay tuned!

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