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3 Simple Tips to Create a Modern Moroccan Look

3 Simple Tips to Create a Modern Moroccan Look

Perhaps you're unsure what a Modern Moroccan style is. Current Moroccan is a new, young sense of style that mixes the classic Arabesque aesthetic found in the East with modern trends seen in the West, according to Karama. The current Moroccan design isn't exclusive to Morocco; most of these geometric styles can be seen in many Eastern nations, but Morocco is the finest place to learn about traditional Islamic art in a group setting.

As a result, you may be thinking how to get this appearance in your own house. Here are a few basic suggestions that you may use right now.

Accessories: It's all about the accoutrements. I start with accessories since I prefer to build the style of the space around the accessories I have. Finding mosaic/geometric motifs is the key to picking Moroccan-inspired accessories.

Colors: Hues should be chosen based on the items you have and colors found in areas like Morocco. Morocco is splashed with bright and vibrant hues. We picked the pale pink we saw on Moroccan walls as our statement hue. Stick to more subdued hues and a monochrome appearance for a more contemporary aesthetic. Black and white are timeless hues that work well in both contemporary and traditional designs. Allowing monochromatic hues to be the basis colors and the bright color to be the statement color is the key to producing the Modern Moroccan appearance.

Feng Shui way it: People nowadays are increasingly interested in using design components that have a function. Moroccan style is typically connected with a relaxed attitude. Plants, for example, can be used to create a modern Moroccan-style oasis. Aloe vera, bamboo palms, and peace lilies are examples of plants that purify the air.

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