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Are Moroccan Rugs More Popular than Ever?

Are Moroccan Rugs More Popular than Ever?

Due to social media and various websites, Moroccan rugs are seeing a revival. Moroccan carpets are more widely available and popular than ever before, despite their high cost. There are also some high-quality machine-made Moroccan-style carpets available that are less expensive than the actual thing.

Moroccan carpets showcase the tribal artisans' handiwork, which has been practiced for ages. They provide every area they're in an exquisite aesthetic and a historic sense. Before purchasing a Moroccan rug, you should be aware of the various types and styles available.

Moroccan rug styles that are currently popular

Moroccan carpets are unique in that they never fail to dazzle. Moroccan rugs are prized by their owners for their ability to instantly update the look of any room. They're both contemporary and classic at the same time. They'll go with anything and are a great anchor for any space with a Bohemian design flair.

People love to brag about their purchases on social media, which is one reason why Moroccan rugs are regaining popularity. Thousands more Moroccan rug hashtags may be found on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Here are a few of the numerous types of Moroccan carpets that people are proud of:

  • Kilims: Colorful and intricate
  • Shag Moroccan rugs: Monochrome and cozy
  • Flatweaves: Traditional patterns
  • Machine-made: Affordable and stylish
  • Berber: Comfortable and unique

Moroccan carpets with a flat weave provide a fantastic first impression

Our clients frequently extol the virtues of their flatweave Moroccan carpets at entryways. These rugs are long-lasting and suitable for high-traffic locations. Traditional patterns and magnificent hues are used to create the ideal first impression for your visitors.

Kilim carpets, with their elaborate designs, reflect Moroccan tradition

Kilim Moroccan rugs have no pile and are woven with a variety of flatweaving techniques to create distinctive, vibrant patterns. "Kilim" is a Turkish term that means "rug of numerous purposes." They're noted for their striking, angular designs that incorporate a variety of geometric motifs.

Moroccan carpets were designed with a bohemian aesthetic in mind

The term "bohemian design" refers to a trendy trend that defies categorization. It allows the homeowner to mix and match materials, colors, styles, and whatever else they like. Moroccan carpets appear to be created for bohemian decor since they may be used wherever. When someone sees a Moroccan rug, they immediately recognize what it is and why it is there.

Affordable Moroccan rugs are high-quality options

Handwoven rugs are more expensive than machine-woven rugs. This is what distinguishes Moroccan carpets, but it's also what makes them inaccessible to others. Don't worry if you can't find a classic Moroccan rug in your price range since is delighted to offer reasonable rug solutions for everyone.

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