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Shop Our Petit & Mignon Collection

Shop Our Petit & Mignon Collection

Every product offered by Marrakech Shop Design has been made by expert craftspeople in Marrakech, Morocco, using age-old methods. By making these things available for purchase, you are assisting these families in making a modest living and engaging in a tradition-based trade. You will then receive a product that was carefully crafted by hand to last.
Now let's have a look at the unique Petit & Mignon Collection from Marrakech Shop Design.

1. Petit Trio

With its trio of pearls, Marrakech Shop Design's little basket could not be more exquisite. It is shaped like a 'V'. Cotton and palm leaves were used to create the basket. It can easily become an essential part of your outfit.

2. Amulet Bouquet

Whether you match this amulet bouquet to your clothing or place it on your desk, it will bring you luck. It comes in V-shape. It was made from palm leaves and cotton.

3. Pearls on Curls

It's a small but wild micro basket made of palm leaves and cotton. Anytime and anywhere it is seen, it will make a statement. Get this amazing basket today!

4. Pearl Mustache

This cute basket will look great in any environment. You can take it to brunch or put it on display to brighten your room.

So these were the Petit & Mignon Collection from Marrakech Shop Design. What are you still waiting for? Place your order now.

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