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Tips for Designing a Moroccan Inspired Room

Tips for Designing a Moroccan Inspired Room

When most people think of Morocco, they think of elegance, warmth, and exoticism. There is such a distinct character to Moroccan décor, and if you're thinking of constructing or designing a Moroccan-inspired space, there are several elements you should absolutely consider. Moroccan style has undoubtedly been popular in recent years, but it is not simple to achieve. You'll want to create an atmosphere that transports you to Morocco every time you enter the room.


The first thing you may do is paint the walls and/or ceiling in Moroccan colors. This might be as simple as painting an accent wall in a vibrant Moroccan hue to create a more exotic feel. Remember, you don't want to go overboard, since the space might become overwhelming, and that's not something you want to produce in your own house.

Decor accents

Consider purchasing a powerful Moroccan mirror or rug to help transport you to Morocco in your own house. A huge mirror may open up a room while still incorporating the concept. A Moroccan rug can add dimension to your space.


Moroccan design is all about layers; employ textures, patterns, and colors inspired by the Moroccan theme.

Learn more about Moroccan inspired room design tips

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