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Top 5 Reasons Why Straw Bags Are Must-Have

Top 5 Reasons Why Straw Bags Are Must-Have

Straw bags have travelled far beyond the beach fashion today!

These handwoven accessories, which were earlier considered as a vacation-only purse are currently used as a regular essential and are perfect to use on every occasion. For hot days, straw beach bags are an ideal choice and are also used in the winter and autumn seasons.

This year’s straw purse collection is celebrated with multiple colors, shapes, and customization to match a wide range of customer-specific needs. From handwoven straw purses to satchels and exclusive-made straw totes, you will get to see a vast collection of straw accessories at Our handcrafted straw clutches and accessories are made with sustainable materials by the locals of Morocco. 

Through Marrakech Shop Design, we can share premium-quality straw-made products with all our customers at reasonable prices. No matter what are your needs, your all must-have straw bags are available at our shop and can be personalized to match your unique choice of design. The trends in straw-made purses involve a vintage-inspired piece with pompoms, structured shape, and leather handle. 

A handcrafted tote bag is just an ideal choice to wear on a pool party, which is mostly made with sustainable material (straw) to carry your everyday essentials. Having lightweight beach bags are a perfect choice to celebrate summer in a cool manner as it is easy to carry your stuff in ultra-style. A budget-friendly straw beach bag is a versatile item, which everyone must-have to look fashionable. 

Now that you are in search of the best-in-collection straw bags from Marrakech Shop Design, keep on reading with us to check out your available options. Here we will underline some of the top-rated straw bags available in our vast collection, which every customer prefers at such competitive prices.


A List of 5 Best Straw Beach Bags To Must-Have In Your Wardrobe –


  1. PomPom Straw Beach Bag – Multicolour ($69)

 Pom Pom Straw Beach Bag - MultiColor

If you want to make a unique style statement with a straw beach bag, you can opt for this trendy bag. This multicolour straw accessory is made with pompoms to compliment you any western or party wear. You can make it your own with options to add your name, symbol, or any unique shape according to your choice. 


  1. Personalized Large Straw Beach Basket ($68)

Personalized Large Straw Beach Basket


This large beach basket is made using sustainable materials by the locals of Morocco. You can choose it to personalize with a vibrant color shade and crafted into the latest design of baskets. This handwoven straw-made item is also a good choice for a day bag, beach basket, picnic bag, and grocery bag for ladies.  


  1. Medina Straw Backpack ($75)  

Medina straw backpack


This high-durable backpack is made with straw, which is customizable with the purchaser’s name or a symbol. This choice of a straw purse is an ideal option at affordable prices. It has long-straps of vibrant color as a style statement along with short-straps to carry on occasions. It’s large in-size to carry your everyday stuff to a pool party. 


  1. Bonny Straw Bag ($55)

 Bonny straw bag

This low-budget straw purse is shaped in small size, which you can get customized with your name. This particular straw-made item comes with vibrant color straps and is a perfect item to gift your girlfriend on a special occasion. Although it can’t carry maximum stuff, yet stylish enough to carry on a pool party to showcase your ultra-modern style statement. 


  1. Good Cheer Bag ($75)

Good Cheer Bag


This handcrafted market-style bag is available in multiple color options, which you can pick as per your matching outfit. This highly-priced straw accessory is made using sustainable material and it is a perfect gateway to the beach for the holiday. This fashionable beach bag is medium in-size and is good to gift your girlfriend at a special event to celebrate love. 


Do you want to shop for high-fashionable straw beach bags? Then, feel free to visit our online shop and check out our vast collection of moroccan items. Let’s understand what you want to prefer in your wardrobe by sending us an email at Visit today!



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