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6 Moroccan gifts this holiday season that will impress your loved ones.

6 Moroccan gifts this holiday season that will impress your loved ones.

No matter which occasion you wanna celebrate, you might always be confused about selecting a perfect gift for your loved ones. From birthdays to anniversaries and retirement parties, you need to choose a gift according to the festival type. You might not sense proud of sending the same gifts year-after-year to your relatives or girlfriends, just with a unique wrapping.

For this time, let’s do something unique and amazing with your gift selection as you can pick a useful or creative gift for lovers. Shop for hand-woven moroccan gift items to make your event much special and extraordinary, which your girlfriend might never expect from her boyfriend. 

Now, looking for the top-ranked online shop to grab premium-quality moroccan items at affordable prices? Then, Marrakech Shop Design is a one-stop-destination to visit anytime and enjoy shopping for high-quality moroccan items made using sustainable practices. From handwoven straw bags to moroccan poufs and straw pendants, we can share our exceptional craft with clients and offer customization to suit the wide choice of their fashionable design. 

In case you want to give your girlfriend a special moroccan gift, continue reading with us to look for the detailed lists. Here we will outline some of the best-in-category moroccan gift items of Marrakech Shop Design to help you pick the right one -


  1. Large Customized Evil Eyes Basket With Leather ($75)

Large Customized Evil eyes Basket with leather


This handwoven market-style carrier is made using sustainable material (straw) by the locals of Morocco. This leather holder tote is just a perfect option to carry on summer vacations for beach festivals. This big-size evil eyes option comes with customization, in which you can write your girlfriend’s name or a quote to be impressive. And also, it’s priced comparatively affordable to match any minimum to high budgets. In order to amaze your girlfriend or gift your mother on a special occasion, you can pick it as an ideal moroccan gift for her.  


  1. Easter Clutch – Carrots ($67)

Easter Straw clutch - carrots


This hand-crafted moroccan clutch is an ideal choice for summer days. This small-size purse is motifs with carrot and can be used to carry your credit cards, phone, keys, and regular wear items. This exclusive-made moroccan gift item comes with a metal zipper, palm leaves & leather border. This handwoven easter clutch is priced affordable and it’s also a perfect choice for today’s ladies. 


  1. Love More Hat ($60)

Love more Straw hat


This love-design hat is a perfect moroccan item to gift your girlfriend with objectives to impress and showcase your love for her. This low-budget hat from Marrakech Shop Design is comparatively cost-effective and medium-sized for looking fashionable. This straw-made item is extremely stylish to wear at your pool parties. You can consider such an affordable option whenever you’ve got a shortage of budget. 


  1. Beige Raffia Sandals With Tassels ($110)

Beige raffia sandals with tassels


This durable and weather-resistant raffia sandal is extremely pretty and practical to carry on your regular wearing item. Its lightweight and strong to make it an absolute joy wearing, which you can gift your girlfriend on any occasion to take her love. This handwoven raffia sandal is available with multiple size options at pocket-saving prices.


  1. Unstuffed Ottoman Moroccan Pouf – Multiple Color Options ($75)

Unstuffed Ottoman Moroccan Pouf Navy Blue


This unstuffed ottoman pouf is available in multiple color options to suit your widespread needs of home décor. This handwoven moroccan item can perfectly suit in any new or old space, which is quite strong and reasonably priced to maintain its shape for long days. This leather-made moroccan pouf is made by the locals of Marrakech Shop Design that’s fir for both boys and girls at affordable prices. 


  1. Round Guedim Pendant ($80)

Round Guedim Pendant


Marrakech Shop Design takes pride to introduce a “round guedim pendant” in its moroccan straw pendant category with aims to address the unique needs of stylish girls. This hand-crafted pendant is exclusively made to add a spirit to your upcoming beach tours. This bohemian gift item is just a perfect choice to give your girlfriend who is expecting something different this time. 


Now that you are eager to shop for handwoven moroccan gift items at affordable prices, you need to visit us at and grab some exciting deals. Contact today!

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