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What To Look For In A Custom Moroccan Rug?

What To Look For In A Custom Moroccan Rug?

There is nothing as amazing as a custom moroccan rug in your residential space. If you want to put it in your interior or exterior, make sure to pick a comfortable and unique design for the house. 

Although finding the right moroccan rug is quite a stressful job. Because there is such a vast collection available in the market to pick your customized rugs. You also need to stay attentive while selecting and make sure nothing is wrong while you are initiating your search. 

So, let’s look for helpful tips to get custom-made moroccan rugs to glorify your rooms –


Taking Measurement Is Vital

If you aren’t quite sure of its perfect sizes available, you can ask someone to assist you in selecting an exact size moroccan rug. Also, taking the measurement of moroccan rugs will ensure you’ve selected the best fit. There are multiple size options available to match your needs, or you can even go with customized options if you want a unique rug. Both the traditional and modern-style moroccan rug options are available, and getting it customized (size or colors) is your cup of tea. 


Pick The Right Material

If you want to go with an exclusive-made moroccan rug, make sure you aren’t compromising with its material quality. Different types of material options are available in the market to customize moroccan rugs, and so you must go with natural-made products to keep their longevity. An exceptional way to get some unique ideas is to look for how traditional moroccan rugs are made by local artisans. 

If you would prefer a natural wool-made moroccan rug or would go with a machine-made rug, you need to act smart by knowing the budgets of both types. To be specific, natural woollen moroccan rugs are comparatively expensive and softer, although aren’t as sturdy as synthetic rugs. That’s why it's important to clear your ideas ahead of planning to shop for tailored moroccan rugs. 


Check Its Weight

Before buying handwoven moroccan rugs, make sure you are clear about its weight and size to pick an amazing product. A tailor-made moroccan rug can come with a variety of weight options, which might vary as per its size and embroidery work. You also need to ensure its weight ahead of ordering a custom-made moroccan rug. The weight of moroccan rugs is important as it will eventually impact its installation steps and whether or not it will last for longer. 


Know Your Available Rug Types

A handcrafted moroccan rug is quite an authentic-made expensive rug available in the market. So, if you want to get a perfect rug to complement your space, moroccan rugs are an exact investment option to look for homeowners. The following types of handmade rugs are widely purchased worldwide –

  • Azilal Rugs
  • Beni Mrirt Carpets
  • Beni Ourain Rugs
  • Kilim Carpets
  • Boucherouite Rugs

In order to style your residential space with extraordinary concepts, make sure to pick an authentic moroccan rug customized in your preferred style and size. 


Look For Extra Options 

You might want to get a customized moroccan rug, which comes with its own runner to have beautiful looks. To have a moroccan rug with a matching runner or separately attach your own runner into it, you will get ample options to choose according to your preference only at a reliable shop. This factor depends on a person, who is willing to purchase a customized moroccan rug for decorating the house. 

If you want to order moroccan rugs online, make sure you are ordering the right size, color, and style to match your modern interior. Marrakech Shop Design is a perfect destination to shop for different types of handwoven products and straw-made accessories at reasonable prices. Our highly-customized products are natural-made using sustainable practices, with which we can share our unique ideas with the world. 

Now, what makes you wait for long? Let’s plan to visit our online shop and fall in love with Marrakech Shop Design’s handcrafted moroccan items. Shop today!

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